Saturday, November 15, 2008

Si Hitam kembali!!!!

Yesterday..while i was reading some lecture notes..i started to notice this black, moving thing underneath my study desk...then, i went closer to look what was it...Guess what i saw? SI HITAM!!!!!!

Well, for those who doesn't know what is SI Hitam (probably you guys came from the outer space!!)..It's is actually a small black insect, which gives out really bad odour when you come nearer to it..usually it settles down in damp areas like in your toilet and most of times in the stairs..

I still remember last year, when i was still in DM4..we had the same problem..the dead bodies of this Si Hitam were scattered all over the stairs, the corridor, toilets, ceiling..and YOUR OWN ROOM!!!....BEcinyerrrr kamu Si was like living in the buildings in the horror movie..where you get stuck inside the if the buildings are alive!!! (what rubbish am i talking about?)

I'm sure most of you despice this croaky, little thing..even last year..someone put this sign on the door:

Sila tutup pintu ini selepas menggunakannya untuk mengelak dari
serangan SI Hitam..

it was pasted on the 2nd level of DM4 last year..who pasted it is still UNKNOWN..wakakaka

Although it is quite a bizarre phenomenon happening in USMKK currently..hope you guys can bare with the situation for the next few weeks (i know I CAN'T!!)....May Allah protect us...

Still remember these little things..euuuwwww..the last thing that you want is these bugs crawling in your beds!!

p/s: WARNING!! for safety purposes...DO NOT KILL this bug..i repeat..DO NOT KILL this bug as it can release its awfull odour!!! wakakaka.teringin nak dengar kisah korang bersama Si Hitam

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  1. ha..that warning really remind me..dm4 huh..

    kat dm2 xde plak lekat tahun ni amaran penuh berhemah itu?

    *dah abeh study, ms kaco blog ko lak.XD*


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