Saturday, November 8, 2008

Waahhh!!! What to do???

Today I woke up at 8 (aku bgn subuhla..pastu tido balik)..I got a call from amin..he said it was something urgent..he wanted to to come to my room regarding i waited for half an hour for him to show up...since there was nobody was coming....i decided to go back to sleep..haha

anyway, later that afternoon, i went to hafidz's room..macam biasalah..'lepak'ing at his room before we went to sembahyang jumaat amin showed up (at last!!) and showed me these messages from an 'unsatisfied' interviewee during the SKSPM interview not long time ago...below are some of the things that she complained to amin that i could remember:

  • HICOM pilih kasih..asyik pilih koloni je (ingat koloni semut ke nak main pilih2..)
  • Why did the HICOM chose H (bukan nama sebenar) instead of me?..i speak better english than her and does a better work than her (adik aku pun speaking lagi baik la dari aku.. x komplen pon..haha)
  • If you think i lied about being a prefect during school time you can check with ****.... (aku tak kesah pon la ko pengawas ke tak)
  • You guys (the HICOM) are not being professional la..dont judge me just becoz i dont hang out with my course mate la..besides..dorunk tuh ntah pape tah(ada ke dier cakap kawan sendiri yang bukan2...ishhh...ishhh..ishh...pmpuan zaman skarang..dah tu asyik berkepit ngan ***** bila masa plak nak bergaul ngan org??) tummy giggled for hours when i read those messages. then, amin asked me..

nak wat apa ngan pompuan ni? nak bagi dia masuk x??

then i answered:

suruh dier terjun klcc jela kalo tak puas hati..byk songeh btol..

Never in my life that i ever bumped into this situation before. It's not that i want this kind of thing to happen. i knew and i already thought of this when i selected the crews for SKSPM. Believe me...i have tried my best to satisfy satisfy my own needs and to ensure that the people that my HICOM and i chose are the best among the best. those who are not accepted, plz dont bang us like this..we have valid reasons why we chose certain people instead of you.. be rational la.. tak payahla nak hantar mesej bukan2 kat HICOM aku kalau tak puas jumpa aku kan senang? ni tak..memarahnyer orang lain..wat naya jer

the problem now is...that girl is my frenz' girlfren..n she is breathing down her bf's neck and begging to let her in (takdo sogan langsung betino sekarang ni)..the things is's not her that im worried's her bf..i'm concerned that if she's around..he can';t do any's not based on my own thinking alone..many have talked about her attitude (especially her social-retarded syndrome) n her queen control behaviour..i just can't let her in..and if she cant accept the truth..she can see me face to face..
if you're reading matured and get a mirror for youself...

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