Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've been tagged!! Damn it!!!

I can't believe I'm actually saying this.. Aku bersyukur di tagged!!! Why? Coz id it wasnt due to the tag from our dearly Cik Ain Sabrina (Siapla ko lepas ni!!)..I would have never thought of writing something in my blog..haha...Bila tengok bila last time aku tulis blog..rupa-rupanya sebulan yang lepas..Masya-Allah..lama giler beb.. memang sah pemalas aku ni.. Lately, I've been asked by some of my friends..wan..bila nak update blog..And I was like..ya..ya..tunggula beb..sibukla..Haha.. It was actually partially true.

Why? This might answer you question:
  • Currently struggling with my studies
  • Internet sangatla slow membuatkan 'kasih sayang' aku terhadap Rasid KB semakin dalam..(uwekk)
  • Busy with my SKSPM which currently bit stressed up since got some problems with it..
  • Clerking case whatsoeva
I can put a thousand and one reasons why this and why that, but the true reason is..I AM a bit lazy lately..hahaha...I just can't see how a medical student like me..can juggle up with studies and all these activities at the same time..If you have the formula, feel free to tell me..I'll share it with others. Frankly speaking, I'm still trying to cope with the current situation, and so does my frenz. May Allah reveal the true way of managing problems like this..

So, what's been going on in USMKK?? 4 letters..M.A.N.Y!!! Well..for someone who doesnt write for about a month..of coz I have tons of stories to reveal..Unfortunately, one thing that I learn during my departure is that, never write too long as it will bore your readers. Let's just keep some of it later.
The latest issue might be the 'transformation of USM students towards Internalization (I don't even sure this word exists!!). What the heck is this?

Well...Basically, 'some' of us might think that in order to become International, we need to start using English as a medium of communication. These 'some of us' never thought, that even by using our native language, we can bring ourselves towards excellence. It's only the matter of we want it or not? If we don;t want it, no matter how well you speak other language, you still can't bring yourself forward. It's a bit awkward for a person who doesnt really use English in his/her daily lives, to conduct a meeting (for example) fully in English. Gladly to highlight here, I am not condemning anyone, as I agree with the idea of using English more in your daily lives. But using English as a way to become International?? I don't think so...Don;t use language as a barrier to become International whatsoeva. Almost all the developed countries in this world do not even use English to become so-called International. As I mentioned just now, it depends on the individual whether they want it or not to bring themselves forward.

But I never said I didnt like the idea at all. For me, if it is compulsory to conduct a meeting in English, or if it compulsory to make an announcement in English, I will highly support it. Why? Coz in that way, we can improve our English. By using it more often then only we can speak better. I've experienced it before during my school-time and it did help me. Cuma sejak kebelakangan ni, jarang guna English, tu yang agak berkarat skit bila nak speaking omputih. So, yup, it's a thumbs up if we use English in meetings and lectures to improve our language. But to bring ourselves towards International? Now that's rubbish!!

So, I think that's all for now..Eh wait..lupa plak kena tag tadi..
here's the instruction:

1. Go to your photos folder in your computer.
2. Go to the 6th folder of photos.
3. Go to the 6th picture in that folder.
4. Put the picture on your blog and describe about it.
5. Invite six friends to join the challenge.

6. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

...ok..ok..I know this picture is a bit scary hoho..Well..I'm not good with kids. They though I'm a walking freak show!! haha.. Anyway, This is me with a boy during my visit in Kg Seberang Kastam. Anak cikgu die ni.. nakal..sebab time nak kur die..die lari plak..hoho..

So I tag:

  1. Ira
  2. Zahid
  3. Faza
  4. Huda Telinga
  5. Hakim Kun..


  1. hm... let's think on the bright side. to use English as a medium to bring ourselves to international level - takdalah betul2 total rubbish. for an instance, orang terpaksa baca lebih banyak buku dan belajar English lebih mendalam supaya dia boleh cakap dalam English dgn lebih baik. from the books, boleh juga dapat knowledge. from English skill yang dipelajari, boleh pula dipakai untuk memahami buku2 pelajaran yang majoritinya dalam bahasa Inggeris. hakikatnya, tak semua orang macam kita, berani dan rajin sikit untuk cuba mempelajari bahasa Inggeris, which eventually leads to - malas nak go forward dalam hal2 lain pun. in this way, kenalah paksa. certain people prefers to learn the hard way. kalau tak disuruh cakap Inggeris, macam mana nak improve skill tu? language requires practice. kalau takda skill tu, macam mana nak present clinical case yang selama ni ramainya cakap dengan tunggang langgang grammar dan faham buku teks? kalau tak boleh buat macam tu, macam mana nak jadi doktor? kalau tak dapat jadi doktor yang baik, beranikah kita panggil diri kita doktor bertaraf antarabangsa?

    apa2 pun, aku lagi prefer kita excellent both. mother tongue and foreign languages.

  2. aku kene tag? alah.. ok2..

    ha..english..takdak geng ar nak speaking..sebab tu tak terer2 speaking.huhu

  3. *In support with zahirah ardy's opinion*

    hehe..btw, ur tagged! visit my page to know more.

  4. Ira will counter back my opinion on using english..haha..seems like u've been waiting for my latest entry..wawawawa..Anyway..As I mentioned before, it is not my intention to condemn anyone. It's just an opinion and perhaps I used improper words here and ther..Let's not talk about that shall we..Hmmmm...I'd like to hear more from other blog readers, since this English issue has been going on for quite some time. I used to love the idea bu somehow, it worn off.

    p/s: hey, what's with tagging people ni? penatla wei..

  5. hakim kun: blahla hakim, band 5 students should not be allowed to say anything about how lack their English skills are..haha..tipuuuuuuu...hakim tipu..

  6. weh wan...tagged aku plak =___="
    5 letters M.A.L.A.S

    lemme beat those letters dulu ye..
    Its been ages since my last entry on my bloggg...;(


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