Friday, August 31, 2012

Giving last~~

sometimes i feel like giving up on this so called friendship~~~ if both parties don't trust each other...i've tried my best to hold on~~but all seem in vain.. i hate losing a good friend, but what the use of it if i cannot be trusted~~ i wish the best, every time i pray..hoping that it will be answered, if not this life, the life after...

day by day, i find it hard even to reach my best friend~~  i couldn't call, because i knew that person would never return my calls, i couldn't text, cause it will be left what can I do?

i promise myself, this will be the last time i let myself being more trying to impress somebody who cares less about more the first one in life where i am always the last resort...

i am soon to begin my new life..maybe it's time to turn over a new leaf~~a new friend perhaps, the one who appreciate me for who i am? ..maybe a love life?

only God knows best..Allahuakbar~~Allah The Almighty~~

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