Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aku yang bernombor 12!!!

(sigh)..owh man!!! it's raining again???

This is probably what you guys will mumble on everytime the downpour strikes Kubang Kerian again..ya's mid-November..what do ya expect...i still remember my Geography teacher taught me something about Angin Monsun Barat Daya and Angin Monsun Timur Laut, in which i can;t remeber which one occur during mid-november..haha..

anyway..besides the gloominess and the fact that Kota Bharu will be in flood a few weeks from now..i think it's still bareable. common man..hujan thing that i like about heavy rain is that i get to sleep in the cool environment. however, i oftenly get asthma attack during this season..wakakakak...

speaking of which...i have to tell u guys this..i SKIPPED a class today!!! (ok..i confess..i never skipped classes before)...i overslept since it was raining like hell outside and i was damn tired yesterday..struggling to finish me ethnic relation reading (while watching movies simultaneously..haha) skipped feedback session this morning..

many sms'ed me..

wan..ada tak kuliah ari ada x??
and i was like:
ya..ya..(mengantuk)..ada2..lecturer x ckp pape pon maksudnya
adalah tu..(aku tak g pon..) wakakaka

Pesanan penaja: *don't try this at home*.. hohoho

There is one thing that i can't stand about heavy is always difficult to go anywhere and to dry my soaking wet clothes...(the thing is...i just got my batch jersey and i want to jog while wearing it..hahaha)

hujan pon hujan la..jgn lupa nak g Exam Etnik esok..

Below are the steps that you can follow in order to successfully wake up tomorrow:
  • set up the alarm at 5.50 am (subuh dulu) isn't enough..if possible..take your nearest person's hp or watch..or your roomate not to sleep and wake you up in the morning....(giler??)
  • if alarm isn't enough...pinjam gong dari bilik muzik..(the problem one's gonna handle the gong for you)..haha
  • if you wake up..don't get back to sleep..baca la skit etnik tu..bukannya payah pon..
  • put the firecrackers in your buddies' pants if he/she reluctant to wake up...(mana nak dapat mercun tu??)..wakakaka
so..gdluck for exam tomorrow!!!!

My new jersey..OMG..i have a jersy????? (slapping myself)

p/s: To those who are wondering, whose room picture did i post in my blog previously..i'll let u guys know in the matter of few days...WARNING to AJON & GANG..jgn dok perasan claim bilik tu depa yang punyer!!!


  1. cara yang paling mujarab adalah cara ayah aku. tapi perhatian! ini hanya berkesan ke atas mereka yg tidur mulut terbuka sahaja. masukkan garam. next, beri salam dengan nada syahdu tetapi menggerunkan.

  2. ha..nanti kita jumpa kt jogging track aka padang golf tuh!! X3

    jersi tu ade kolar ke tak..
    ok gak design die..tapi nombor & nama tak cantik...


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