Friday, November 14, 2008


kriiiiinggg...(actually my alarm doesnt sound like this..but to make you easily understand the situation..just pretend it's a typical alarm clock..)

OMG!!!!!!! it's already 8.15 am..see what i told you guys the day b4 yesterday..dont go back to sleep after Subuh..hahahha.....

well...damn's the first day of exam and i'm already feeling lazy..haha...but like it or not..i still need to go to the exam. i was kinda worried of ajon and the gang wouldnt make it to the exam..but as i walked into the exam hall..i knew they were all just fine since they were already there..haha..(i was the one who was late..wakaka)..tak guna btol..

So the exam lasted for one hour..the longest one hour i ever had...the boredome and the fact that i was still not awake forced (is this the correct way to use this word??) me to sleep the few last minutes of the exam..haha..even Ainul who sat behind me noticed i was nodding in uncertainty during the exam...

the question?? it was not that difficult..thx to naim and friends who gave me the past year's question..which 40% came out in the exam yesterday (nampak sangat orang Penang ni malas..recycle soklan balik..wakaka) i hope that i can pass the exam..huhuhu...(you know what..being a medical student has made me become a person who lacks of interests in this kind of history-like exam.haha..)

Kami yang berasa gembira exam dah habis..walaupon ada exam TITAS lagi..wakakaak

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