Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Luck in Selanjar 2

Haha...There's nothing much to say..just wanna wish all the first year students....including my friends who need another year to get pass through 1st yea, gud luck in your exam!!.... I know you guys have done your very best in prepairing for tomorrow's Selanjar..so just have faith in Allah, pray a lot, and ask for forgiveness to everyone should you have done something wrong with them (dont forget me!!).

We, second year Medical Students wish you all the best in Peperiksaan Selanjar 2..May Allah bless you guys..

Adik yang paling bengong pernah aku ada

Kengkawan yang sentiasa diingati

Speaking of which..Second year students also have exams ok! Another 3 weeks to be exact..haha..and loads more to read..after that holiday for 1 week...Hoooray!!! ehem..read books..read books..

p/s: don't forget to pray for our success ok??

Yours' sincerely,
Muhammad Hazwan Nasarudin

Second Year Batch Leader

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