Sunday, November 23, 2008

Problem Based Learning a.k.a PBL...

I've been listening to many complaints from my collegues about the condition of their PBLs...For those who are not well verse with's actually a session..more like a disscussion in a group to disscuss about the problem given to us. We are supposed to find out what is wrong with the person from the sign and symptoms that are given to us...

I think I need to state this clearly..i LOVE and I LIKE my PBL so much..I like the session and I am excited each week to learn about new disease. That's why, i really want the PBL to go as smooth as possible. I like my PBL members coz there is no boundary between the non Malay and Malay as some might have problem with that. We are free to disscuss among us and we can even laugh together to jokes made by our members... I like this condition and i really want it to stay as long as possible.

But the thing is..

There is nothing perfect in this world..even the thing that we love or we care the most in this world, even my own PBL...only lately, i discovered that my PBL is not as outspoken as i tought it supposed be..thx to Dr Norwati Daud..she made me realized that most of the my PBL mates are not confident with what they are talking about..

Com'mon guys..i know most of you have read many times before attending the session..even more than me..i know that very well..most of my girlfrenz (not the one that you are thinking rite now!!) are very it..kusya, atun, ain, priyah, sinthia, chia ling..all are very hardworking..the guys are also the same..but why when it comes to disscussing time..everyone keeps their voice down??? why are we whispering during PBL??? why???

I'm not saying that im good..coz i'm NOT!! I got C's for every selanjar..tak caya tanya chan..he knows me very i'm not the right person telling you guys this and that..but i love my PBL so much that i don't want it to become dysfunction...

I feel sorry for my self and for those who do not use their PBL very well coz we can learn so much from's a pity if we can't learn from Priyah, Chan, Alex..just to name few of those who are already ecxelled in their studies..

Be confident of yourself....take part in PBL..not whispering in PBL..plz say anything that comes to your mind OUT LOUD...we are in fact discussing for heaven's sake! don't be afraid if we say something irrelevant to the current situation...WE ARE STUDENTS!! WE ARE MEANT TO DO MISTAKES!!..I am rather doing mistake now than doing mistake in the future as doctors...i don't mind if you guys don't agree with i not the right person to tell you what to do..but i am a member of this team..and as a member..i ought to say something if there's something wrong..

Come on guys..i know you can do it!!

Sekadar gambar hiasan

p/s: to those who have problems with their PBL...don't ever think that everyone else is not having the same problem like you..we have our own problems and as an educated person..we know how to act based upon our knowledge and capability...think outside the box if we really want to solve our problems...surrender is not a good way to start...


  1. owh...camtuh ek pbs?
    kalu pms encik hazwan??


  2. PMS tu apa?
    aku tak pernah dengar pon...
    tapi ni la masalah yang selalu ada dalam pbl..sume dok diam jer..
    tanya satu jawab satu..
    tapi alhamdulillah la..
    lepas aku post benda ni...
    ramai yang start 'dapat' balik sore memasing..
    maybe ada yang terbaca kot blog cik nezeef..xkan duduk kat umah jer lepas abih practical??xde plan nak mai kelantan ke? hoho

  3. pms tuh premenstrual syndrome la doktar wan~..(period in short form~)
    duit takder la...camner mau gi kelantan...adei~

  4. owh...aku tak belajar lagi obstetrik and year memang btol la apa lecturer aku ckp..jgn memain ngan laymen zaman sekarang..medical term pon dorank leh tau..power of internet..hoho


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