Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Legacy

I'e been wondering a few weeks before, why do we need to have a blog? What sort of fun does it have? Why suddenly it becomes one of a big issues in our group?

Alik2..aku buat blog jugak..wakakakaka... tula..cakap orang..sendiri kena
batang hidung

..hohoho... Anyway, what i finally find out was, this blog can be used as a medium for you guys to communicate with matterla for studies, or for leisure, or even to ask for the announcement that i will make or have made in the lecture hall (i guess only a few lended their ears to me).. so dont hesitate to fill up the comments in this blog..keep up to date to the latest news. Insya-allah if i have time, i'll update this it wont be buried 7 feet under..haha

1 comment:

  1. sibuk gila hannnng hahahaha

    Ira's blog eh wan? abis kau esok.


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