Friday, November 21, 2008

Sad..sappy day...


As is the third day in which USMKK is flooded with the heavy downpour of Kelantan..i don't really mind about the rain..what i do mind is that today is yet another same day, which i've been going through ever since this semester started...

Many don't actually realize..that...behind this happy face..there's always a room for emptiness and loneliness...behind this smily face..there's always sadness that fills in the empty space...

Great!! i'm starting to speak i never done that before..haha..

What i'm trying to emphazise here is that..sometimes..most of the time actually, usually in the weekends..i will start to feel seems like living 'inside' is not fun after all...and despite everything that i do to help me discard those feelings away, it will just be in vain..I'm yet..another typical human being.

I've pictured this the first moment i knew about the fact that most of my friends were going to be transfered out early this semester..i was like:

shoot..x best nye sem ni..
well...let bygones be bygones...there's no use of saying things in the past..
it's actually very difficult to describe how i felt today....i felt lonely + worry + sad and all sorts of other negative things..let's just say it's just another bad the rest of them..

usually..when i feel like this..i'll seek my best friend's help..thanks to HEP..they are all scattered everywhere..shish...but still..i'll manage to find some ways to find them..

i don't have to do much to make myself feel better..i just need to see my friends...see what are they doing..see what rubbish are they talking about...hanging out with them..when i'm with them..i don't feel like an outcast..i don't feel's as simple as that...they dont even have to know what i am currently feeling....

today..i took some time to go out and see my me..i don't mind loosing a few hours for my friends....coz they are the only thing that make me feel 'normal' here...thank you buddy!!
i miss my school..i miss my teachers..i miss my dad n yang sewaktu dengannya..i miss my school matrix mate..and i hate growing up..sigh...but sadly...that's just another story in my life...sapala aku tanpa korang...

1 comment:

  1. wooO!..
    gambar aku paling gemok yeehaa!..hehe~
    wan, relax la k..
    maybe its just dat weekend blues ure having..


    chill bro..


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