Monday, November 10, 2008


I don't know why, most of the people in my lecture hall always seem like breathing down my neck. I can't do anything wrong like everyone else. Everything i do, everything i said will be used against me..haha..tak taula aku je yang dok perasan ke apa..hohoh..

Like what happened yesterday. I wore this round neck T-shirt. It's not like no one (especially the guys) has never worn a round neck T-shirt before. Then, early that morning, nira spoke to me:

wan..awat hang dok pakai baju takde kolar??

laa..biarla..macamla laki lain tak pernah pakai plak

...takderla..hang nampak lain ari ni..wawawa always..always concerned about me..haha..later that day..liyana a.k.a kucheng asked me about the same thing....and so does other people..again and again...sometimes it seems like i dont have the freedome to do anything i like...excuse me...i need to scream...(arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)..that's better..

but the thing is..sometimes other people know better than us..btol cakap org..friends are like a mirror that reflects your own later that the library..

me: nik..tunggu jap bley..aku nak pi renew buku nie balik...
mak guard: dik..tunggu jap dik..
me: apa die kak?
mak guard: kita tak benarkan student masuk pakai baju
tshirt tak
me: (blushing) ke kak? saya
tak tahu..
mak guard: tu yang terpampang luas kat depan pintu tu apa?
me: owh tak perasanla plak... embarassing..i was like..owh man!!!!!! All eyes were looking at if they were saying..apala mamat ni..dah 2nd year pon tak tau peraturan lagi..shoot!!!!

so the moral is..even though you think that what you're doing is rite..there's always something wrong that you yourself may not notice..but others do...!!

Di sinila kawasan kejadian berlaku..Awas mereka yang tidak berbaju kolar!!!

p/s: Those who are in the picture has nothing to do with the incident whether they are dead or alive..haha

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