Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yet another day....

A lot of people complain about how plain their lives are, how dull it is and how they would like to change their life with someone else if they could...'s a lie if i say i am totally not like that..but it's fair to say that im satisfied with my life now..though some might say it's dull, though it's tough sometimes, though it's painful the end of the know there are frenz at your back that will support you..

yesterday, as usual, Solehin gave what he does the best, his weekly 'tazkirah'. He mentioned something about how important it is to 'imarahkan' masjid kita. then, i've been wondering one it really that bad until there's no one coming to the mosque? Thank goodness it is still no THAT bad..masih ada lagi orang yang sedar kewajipan dier..but as human..we are lacking of everything...even in terms of this...

i noticed that ever since these 'gang surau' have been 'seperated' from each other due to some political issues...less and less people are coming to our surau?? why??? why??? i've been asking the same question..why do we have to put the responsibility on their shoulders only..seriously..i salute them for their hardwork to makesure that all Moslems are aware of these things...if you ask me whether i would like to carry this kind of responsibility..i would say no..coz im afraid that icant give 100% commitment...

so that's why we have to support this least we can contribute something to our beloved religion... teringat aku time sol cakap..

kat akhirat kelak..bile Allah tanya: apa sumbangan kamu terhadap agama?
terkedu kamu menjawabnya..

anyhow..just want to highlight here...if 'He' can spend the whole time taking care of us, why can't we, 'His' underlings spend some quality time with 'Him'??

p/s: Iqbal, the multi-task person (pengerusi majlis merangkap pengarah projek)..during the launch of Ihya' Masjid Programme this evening.

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