Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Living my life...

It's been 3 days i'm staying at home..As I suspected, I'll becoming lazier and lazier..My mom's starting to nag me more than ever..and as usual, I found it entertaining, to see my mom nagging without the slightest care from me..haha..bak kata orang dedulu, masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri..hoho

I've been kacau'ing my friends since i'm starting to feel bored ungrateful I am, I've been wanting this holiday more than ever, now, i'm starting to miss my work in USMKK??? I guess what Ira said was true indeed, I'm a weird person..

Frankly speaking..I don't know what to write today..Since it's getting quiet these few weeks, my collegues are still on holidays, my best mates are starting their new semester soon, I found blogging even quieter than before.. HOpe they'll write something soon..

I'll be going out with my mom this afternoon..Shopping it will be..haha..pengikis duit mak adalah aku..hohoho...I'm buying new's been a while...

Pejam celik pejam celik..I will be heading back to Kubang Kerian the day after tomorrow.. geee..I wish I had more time to spend at home..A bundle of work is waiting for me back in USMKK..

Just wanna tell you guys, yesterday, Dr Rohana called me regarding CFCS...What it CFCS? It's basically a community servise that the Medical and Dental students need to do in order to pass Phase 2...We need to find out what is the medical problem in certain village that figure out ways to handle that problem..

Back to my story..Its confirmed that CFCS will be done in Besut, and it is not according to our PBL like it used to be. The name list is re-shuffled.. If I'm not mistaken, I'm in the same group with Rifqi, Fiza Johor, Benjy, Haidar (L), Muhammad Syafiq Maznon and few others. Why is it like this..I have no idea.. Hmmmm...Seems like I need to getting used to my team mates..ONCE AGAIN!!!!

I think we shall know further details once we get back to CFCS Block..As for now..Keep on the holidays, fellas..

Now you know why Besut??? hoho 

Aini, kitaorang akan serbu umah ko time CFCS nanti..wawawa


  1. we, mcm mana nk tgk list tu? i'm too busy having my hols kah kah kah

  2. aku sendiri pon x tengok lagi list tu
    aku rasa die keluar masa kita masuk lecture hall balik..
    ni aku dapat tau pon sebab supervisor aku, Dr Rohana Jalil call aku suruh aku jumpa die ahad ni..hoho

  3. la..nape xikut pbl??
    aku dh tau aritu lg cfcs dis time wat kat besut..hehe..
    parents aku siap jd mak n ayah angkt lg nnt..
    sapela yg jd ank angkt mak ayh aku..n automatically jd adk bradk angkat ke??pape je la..hehe..


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