Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poo Lee Tick Camp Pus ....

Apa kebendenya tu???

hoho..I got this from Zahid and I thought it would be a catchy title for my latest entry..Poo Lee Tick Camp Pus atau dalam bahasa mudahnya Politik Kampus adalah sesuatu perkara yang menjadi bualan mahasiswa mahasiswi universiti tempatan seantero Malaysia di kala ini. The same goes here in USMKK, but the excitement may be a little bit less compared to Induk..
Before this, i did not care a bit about this political stuff, coz I don't like it and I want to stay as far as possible from it. But I know, it's something that you can't avoid. My dad loooves politic so much, so do some of my friends. Since this time, the campus politics are involving two of my best friends getting into this league of easy-to-make-dosa-coz-tak-jalankan-tanggungjawab thingy, I realized, it is something that I need to take note of.

Muhammad Fadhli B. Rusli a.k.a. Pali is one of them. It was not a surprise since I know the guys in our batch who did not fail any Selanjar is countable. A very happy-go-lucky yet annoying person (sometimes) is what describes best this person. Wat pape keje pon mesti nak wat lawak.penat gak gado ngan budak ni..Yup..That's my Pali..

Muhammad Razzi B. Masani a.k.a Razzi a.k.a my papa...another person whom I knew from the beginning of my journey in Kelantan. We've been doing things together in so many activities ever since Minggu Suai Kenal. A person with great vision and creative thinking, but lacks of social skill especially when speaking to his collegues.. Anyhow..That's my Razzi..

Like it or not, they are already in the next step of becoming an MPP...My advice to them, just be yourself in what ever that you are doing. Ikut resmi padi, makin berisi makin tunduk..jangan ikut resmi lalang, makin berisi makin tegak berdiri..You know what I mean. As a friend, I love both of these guys..and as a friend,I want to remind them..never put aside your studies.. Aku still ingat masa aku berborak dengan sorang MPP ni, aorta area pon dia tak tau kiri ke kanan..syok sangat ngan politik sampai tak ingat apa yg dibelajar..Please la..tolong jgn gadaikan apa yang mak dan ayah kita harapkan..Ingat tu..

Once you can promise me that you are able to do so, that's the time when I will support your back for as long as you want. But before that time comes, just consider, undi aku cuma undi seorang kawan, bukan seorang yang mencari pemimpin..

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