Monday, January 19, 2009

Tuhan Mahu Tunjukkan Sesuatu

Maybe aku ni alpa..

Maybe aku ni sombong.

Maybe aku ni dah rasa bagus sangat..

Maybe that..maybe this..What ever it is..It's already happened..Yeah..This time it hits me really bad. Today is just another chapter in my life..Tomorrow is a new hope..

For as long as I remembered, I am the luckiest guy ever, I have almost all the things that I want. Today..God shows..I'm just an ordinary person..And this ordinary person is nothing but a normal human being..

God plans what best for us..I have nothing against His will...What's happened has happened..Time to gather back my strengh..try to turn over a new leaf..time to let bygones be bygones..

Will I ever recover? That's a question I could never answer...


  1. a mistake is never wrong as long as you learn the values that came with it. that is for you, me, and everybody out there to understand. nevertheless, thank God this time this mistake is so small that insya Allah, it will not pose much threat to you and destroy the whole picture. it's like one piece of puzzle out of 1000 pieces being destroyed, but hey, once you put together the rest of the 999 pieces of puzzle, it will still be a nice picture for us to look at.

  2. yeah!..
    "tuhan mahu tunjukkan sesuatu..."

    duno wat happen..
    but im very sure....
    u can do it!!!..

    i know my friend..very well...

    'success is a journey, not a destination'

  3. relax man~
    im sure u'll be all fine...
    keep it cool k


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