Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

20th Disember 2009

I was eating at McB alone, since most of my friends were on holiday that time, leaving me all alone. The place was as crowded as usual, though there was no football game that day (well..McB IS the actual hang out place when there is any football match). Just as soon as I wanted to eat my dinner, my phone rang. mom actually called. I thought it was just like any other day, you see, I haven't been able to call my mom the last few weeks since I'm having a tight budget. I'd never thought that call was something important! My father was admitted in the hospital due to Dengue!!!


"Mak, rumah banyak nyamuk ke??" that question spontaneously came out. "Mana ada, tempat keje ayah ko la" mom said. (ya rite...well, let me be honest..rumah saya banyak nyamuk...sebab saya x balik..kompem adik2 ku yang 'rajin' xnak tolong mak bersihkan umah!!)

I asked my mom to be calm..coz I knew, if dengue was detected early (like in my father's case)..the prognosis was usually good. I told my mom that I'd be back home IF I am able to do so..

Frankly speaking, I'd really on a tight budget right now. FAMA, as the name suggests, has been 'sponsoring' ever since in the early month. Maluuu sangat nak mintak mak duit tambang balik.. My mom told me not to spend my money on unnessesary things..Well..I just bought a Reader's Digest..Something that my mom considers as 'the unnessesary thing' a few weeks ago..So, to tell my mom that I'm running out of money was like to get a death sentence from her..

I WAS very frustrated that time. I knew nothing about dengue, it's treatment, it's pathogenesis and whatsoever. Arghhh... What sould I do..

In times of needs, you best friends are the best person to go to. Seriously, I was almost pennyless at that time. I was thinking of asking my sis, but then again..aku jugak yang selalu kene pau ngan die..mana die ada duit..

Alhamdulillah, my best friend helped me at times I thought I could never get any help..

Thank YOu so much!!!! Only Allah can repay you back...

Nasib baik..When I got back home..Ayah had already been discharged..Kesian ayah..Badan ayah kurus sangat..(well..he IS well known for his central offence yah)..baru berapa hari je ayah masuk hospital..Tangan ayah lebam...Aku tanya ayah..sakit ke tangan? Siapa yang cucuk tangan ayah sampai macam ni..Ayah just said, never you mind. Medical students, biasala tuh


I'm heading back to Kelantan tonight. I don't know when I'll be able to return back home. Bukan xnak balik..tapi keadaan tak mengizinkan. Sometimes I become jelous when some of my friends are able to go back home whenever they want. But then again..You are YOU..They are THEY. Two different people with different perspective..

Be yourself, jaga diri baik2..ayahku pesan..

Baik AYAH!!

Jaga diri...

p/s: I've gained few kilos during my stay at home. Mom's cooking is something I CAN'T resist.

Terima kasih..


  1. hahahaha....ko blek rmh mcm la ko tlog orang kat rmh...
    tdo ...ja...hahahah....rajin la sgt ko...

  2. wan!! haha....CJ's here....
    my late father passed away few years ago... the cause: dengue. i hope ur dad will be all okay soon. u r a doctor to be after all...kan...

    i also experienced dengue fever before. i got it during my stay at my brother's in shah alam.... sumpah!! i don't want to get that dengue fever ever again. i was suffered that time. all my joints became numb and my body trembling hard. serik dah.....

    btw..aku nak follow ko. wakakaka!!!


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