Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Top 5 Songs...

This show is just addictive...btw..what's with the homo lover episodes?? baru nak shok tgk cte ni..

Ok..I know... i know..i've been slacking off last entry was 3 months ago..bila tgk blog kawan2 lain macam blog ain, aini, hakim...aku rasa jeles sebab dah lama giler x update blog aku...

Anhedonia..ini bukan penyakit..this is a term in psychiatry describing about loss of interests in a this is what i have been having for the past few months..ala-ala macam pompuan dengan PMS mereka la..haha..

but hey..I'm back (untuk sekelian kalinya)

So this time i will share with all of you my TOp 5 songs yang sedang giler berlegar2 dalam otak aku skang ni..To those who did not know, i am very choosy when it comes to music..even if it comes from Siti Nurhaliza per say..hoho..

So here it is:
1) Jar of Hearts - Katy Perry
2) Get it right - Lea Michelle from Glee
3) Firework - Lea Michelle (sorry Katy Perry)
4) Loser Like Me - Glee Cast
5) Born This Way - Lady Gaga..

ok..why Jar of hearts??? Coz the song is powerful even without the lyric..the melody stands by me mello or is what i preferred. tambah2 pula bila si katy perry ni yang nyanyi..well lea michelle did a great job covering for this song but the soul wasn't there.. placed in the bottom of list is born this way from Gaga..the only reason is because the song is catchy and up beat.. but since the lyric is pro-gay-lesbian..i changed my mind.. but that doesn't change the fact that this so is good!!

just love the songs. i can even visualize how the video clips should be..usually featuring me..hahaha.. anyway..what's yours??

p/s: ain and hakim..i noticed that both of you tagged me in my previous the nest 2 posts will be attributed to both of you..hahaha...

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