Friday, June 17, 2011


Attention! Top local celebrities, including pop queen Datuk Siti Nurhaliza are proud of their new role as celebrity reservists.

They flaunted their new army uniform after signing up to join the Territorial Army at the Defence Ministry in Putrajaya on Thursday.

According to Siti, she has gone through tough army training for a TV show before.

"But the Territorial Army is different. It requires a lot more vigorous training," the 32-year-old told Mstar, the Star's Malay online portal.

"It will certainly help in toughening me up - physically and mentally. It also helps me in understanding the spirit of voluntarism," she added.

Joining her are singer/songwriter Aizat, film producer David Teo, actor Mohd Nor Don, actor Shaheizy Sam, singer/musician Ana Raffali and actress Intan Ladyana.

"When the Defence Ministry offered me the opportunity to be a reservist, I said yes immediately," said Ana, who once dreamed of becoming an army officer.

The celebrities would have to complete 39 hours of training within a year before being commissioned as junior officers.

Their training is expected to start soon.

Photos by Azhar Mahfof
Published June 17 2011

p/s: ahai cik siti..mana album ni?? lama tunggu~~


  1. Ingat hang dah lama berhenti menulis! :D

  2. ada oarng boleh menulis time2 busy..ada orang prefer menulis time sume dah settle..masa free..tgklah..tapi untuk berhenti menulis tidak sama sekali..subjek favourite aku time sekolah kowt~~ haha


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