Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going to the end of the world..

125 Terbunuh di Mumbai

Penunjuk Perasaan 'tawan' Lapangan Terbang

Some of you might already heard these captions before..yup..they were yesterday front page news...why do I bother putting them here??

Frankly speaking..i am not a newspaper reader..i read only the Entertainment part..and im sooo not into this political thing..If you ask me anything about politic..i would be like..

ehemm..i know him..he was the one that comes out with the issue rite??
Obviously I have no idea at all!!... My knowledge about politics is like shallow water in the pond..Damn!! hate it soo much!!

But the thing's not that i'm not sensitive into these issues..but the fact that today's politics are dirty makes me feel sick whenever i think about it..better get away from it..

Well..common guys..look at these headlines..they tell you everything about the consequences of unstability in politics..people are dying BECAUSE of these sick political issues...Look what happened in Thailand...They are putting on strike AGAINTS the government whilst the civil war is still ongoing in the South Thai....AGAINTS the government for crying out loud!!!

Seems like what my teacher used to say was true indeed..people don't mostly die because of disease..they die because of their egoes..shish..

I just don't understand, why can't they just put aside their differences and shake hands with other..i know it sounds childish..but love do come from a simple touch..

Firman Allah SWT dalam surah al-Hujurat ayat 13:
Maksudnya: " Wahai umat manusia! Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan kamu dari lelaki dan perempuan, dan Kami telah menjadikan kamu berbagai bangsa dan suku puak, supaya kamu saling berkenalan. Sesungguhnya semulia-mulia kamu di sisi Allah ialah orang yang paling takwa di antara kamu. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha Mendalam Pengetahuan-Nya" .

Even the God has already mentioned this AGES ago..but as typical human beings..we are still being ignorant to His calls..

While the world is going to the end..the only thing that we can come up is this:

Think for this what Malaysians are made of??

p/s: Before i forget..many tanks to Yana aka Kucheng, Ruby and Sue (the Trio Princesses as they want themselves to be addressed...haha..for giving me a ride back to hostel this evening....i would be soaking wet if you guys werent there..haha)


  1. dude, this version of Home is... JS)U@E)U@)WU)@EU)@UE)@ tak syiok!!! Michael Buble wins!

  2. i know..nak pilih lagu ct xde..haha..the closest one is this la..hohoho...nenanti la aku cari lagu lain..busy benda lain plak..hoho

  3. malaysia..malaysia..
    ape lah nak jadi...
    dunia pun main kalut..

  4. heh..i never heard this such of "bogel"
    demonstration in least for 20 yrs,..btw..its good...hahaha... now we know that
    our ppl are actually have courage to speak out loud of their opinions..and also show their "balls"..
    hahahah...funny malaysian..

  5. gila apa hang ni zahid..
    nak pi bogel2 plak..
    no shows that malaysians do not use their brains THAT well..bak kata DR *****..where the heck is ur brain...use ur brain la time clinical teaching ari tu..wawawa...
    but the situation nowadays are kinda out of hands la..
    bom the end of the day..Moslems are to be blamed for their own doings..kita nak cakap apa..salah kita gak..(no offence)..yg kita kat sini dok bising2 nak bogel haramla..common la..

  6. "today's politics are dirty"? gosh, politics have always been a dirty business. learnt that when political issues sumhow threatened my family years ago. good money comes with great problems, i guess -_-"

    regardless of how dirty the politics are, we'll still have to update our knowledge on that... or else, how dare we call ourselves good citizens when we are clueless about the ongoings in our country? besides, voting will soon be compulsory for us, right? we've got to start eyeing for the best candidate for our vote.

    yeap, putting aside differences seem to be a pain in the ass for some political leaders, i think. if everybody were to think the way you think, of course, the world would be a peaceful place, but... it doesn't seem like that. so many people are greedy, playing according to their own selfish agendas, trapped in their own ego, too proud to back away. devils are here and there, and there's always the loyal 'company' that follows us anywhere we go - our own lust. oh, susah kan?

  7. chop, aku baru prasan comment kau "Moslems are to be blamed for their own doings".

    gosh, wan, if only you could think deeper and more positively... not all of them do for the sake of enjoying the show, in fact, i believe most of them are already at lost, trying to find a way for themselves to be heard. yeah, it's easy for us to speak out, we have our own channels and our government are quite loose about things like these (despite exaggerations by media), but they don't have those stuff. not only do they have to face their own government, but they have the rest of the world against them. the way they might be thinking is... to attract the world's attention by doing great but terrible things such as massive bombings. blaming Muslims directly will only disappoint them more. the fact that they are being hunted and mistreated by so many people... are being dismissed just like that? come on... berapa kali jadi bombing and berapa kali MILITAN ISLAM terus dituduh tanpa bukti kukuh? selamat untuk aku katakan hampir 80%. i still remember our DMK lecturer saying, "kalau perkara sama terjadi pada nenek moyang kita, mereka juga akan mengangkat senjata"(or sumthing like that). i wouldn't encourage violence, but i wouldn't encourage condemning them either, because i know that there are many factors forcing them to act in such way that most of us find despicable.

  8. TAHNIAH!!!!

    Anda telah di tag oleh saya!!
    Sila ke Blog saya untuk membuat laporan selanjutnya...


  9. hehe..thx for the very looong comment ira..yup...not all the militants are to be blamed..surela..we are not in their place..yes..if we put ourselves in their shoes..we would probably do the same thing..i once heard ustaz said: apabila maruah Islam tercemar..wajib untuk kita mempertahankannya walau terkorban nyawa this case..i really don't blame the militants..but the situations..that's what i said..every time this bombing thingy made itself on the front page...people will point fingers to Moslems..none other but that..and we have US to thank for...since their propaganda actually works..the problem is,no matter how desperate they are..if they want to fight for their honour, terrorism is not the best solution..yup..they can go on war..but in Islam..there are certain rules to be followed:
    1) do not kill the women, the elderly, and the youngsters
    2) do not kill those in the 'rumah ibadat' and destroy them
    3)do not destroy plants, animals

    and if you say..ala..bende tu mana ada org US mana ada apply bende2..that's a different story..but as Moslems..we are restricted to that..i ask u..what happen now? bombing everywhere..killing matter guilty or not..who's at the stake? none other but ourselves..

  10. One more thing..
    Politics are not dirty..
    it's those who are involved in it make it dirty..
    Rasulullah s.a.w had been practicing politics all his life..
    if not, it would be banned already..
    and if it's not due to politics...we wouldnt have the first world constitution (Piagam Madinah) ever..take note of that...

    back at that time..even the non-Moslems know how to keep their promises..unlike us nowadays..(sigh)

  11. hm... i couldn't recall saying anything about terrorism is the right thing to do. what a way of comprehending my opinion -_-" nevertheless, i did say that many of them are at lost with getting themselves heard and that might be the underlying factor of their violence. i was just pointing out that Muslims should not be pointed at whenever there's terrorism or violence going on. let's take the bombing in US or UK quite some time ago (i can't remember exactly the place) when they accused Osama as the responsible person in an instance. of course, Osama didn't take the blame until an American citizen showed up, admitting to the crime. not all Muslims choose war which is more of terrorism to defend their rights, in fact, there are other religious bodies as well that did the same, but gosh, America and Israel dominate the media, don't they? it ain't easy for an incident involving Muslims to escape from their eyes. just look at the Hindu-Muslim war in India where so many are being killed to claim which land is whose and tell me, did you get to read about that in the paper frequently? and what about Malaysia's stands for using diplomatic ways of solving a problem? it doesn't get to be on the headlines of newspapers of other countries, right? if you stick to reading newspapers alone, there'll be no way that your judgement is fair... or anything near to it, because the media itself is so tainted nowadays. directly or indirectly, it's well dominated and controlled by the westerners. if you had been following the news since kindergarten, you'll be clearer about things that are happening today. thanks to my father being sent overseas frequently for business related to malaysian military when i was small, i had to educate myself about international and domestic affair at such age. quite burdening and hard to comprehend at that time :P because i was holding on to 'everything is black and white' principle. it actually turned out that behind some of the blacks, when you had investigated properly, white will be revealed.

    of course, i agree that politics are not dirty during the ruling of Rasulullah S.A.W, but since thousands of years ago, it has already started to be a dirty business. when i said a dirty business, it means you can keep your hands clean as long as you're willing to risk your neck playing fair and square while others are playing dirty. one way or another, you'll be linked to something dirty. dirty business doesn't mean everything is wrong, but more to lots of foul play. for politics to be banned... i think only a mad man would decide on such thing. besides, politics are everywhere. workplace, university, country, etc. i'm sure that each one of us had been involved in any form of politics and so did my parents. harap jangan salah faham pendapat aku yea. harus fikir deeply lagi.


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