Monday, December 1, 2008

MAd DoCTorS??@@#@

Thumbs up to Syafiq and Ayiep for revieling this attractive yet informative article regarding mental status of doctors in Malaysia. For further information, you may log on to The Star Newspaper

Here are some of the things that i want to highlight from the article:

He said these doctors were either psychotic or neurotic but still managed to get into medical schools because these schools were not screening students meticulously enough.

I can't believe this..first they want to increase number of medical students, causing us to be studying in a packed-like-sardine condition..then they are blaming the schools for inadequate SCREEning of the students..OMG!!

These medical graduates, totalling about 60 cases a year, are unable to cope with their housemanship as they may have been pressured by their parents to take up medicine.

duh...only now you realize it? seriously, this is happening even here in USMKK...some of the students don't even know why they took medicine..when being asked..they'll answer..mak yang suruh..ayah yang suruh..what nonsence is this??..this is your life we are talking about for heaven's sake!!!..there are also those who really don't like to do medicine, but were forced by the parents..seriously la..these kind of people really do need to sit and have a talk with their parents..medicine is all about passion!!! if you are not'll end up making other people's life miserable....for may become a lecturer one day who is SUPPOSED to teach the students..but since you're not interested enough in'll MISS the LECTURE and go out on VACATION INSTEAD!!!..i'll briefly describe about this in the next post...

“I am not so sure whether we can identify those with attitude problems during an interview unless such problems are obvious,” Dr Ismail said at a forum on Training Future Doctors: Have we got it right?”

Obviously you never met Roslan...mental status is poor yet still a doctor-in-making..wawawa..jgn marah lan..

Most of the mentally ill students, he said, could have undergone pressure and depression while studying and faced difficulty in coping in a hospital environment.
The other weakness was a lack of proficiency in the English language.

duh..what do you expect? ..of coz la we are always in stress!!! just by looking at our timetable alone is's damn packed from morning till evening..even if we are free..there are still loads more to cover in a day..just friend in Egypt learn Cardiovascular System for 6 MONTHS..magnificently, we learn it in just 4 WEEKS!! beats that!! and one more thing..other medical students in OTHER universities..have more holidays than us..WE HAVE YEARLY HOLIDAYS only..try coping with that!!

My advise is that, the man-in-charge of the curricular of medicine in the future, be it the Dean or the Minister himself..think of your underlings first before deciding on doing any should ask the student's opinion AT LEAST, since this is related to them anyway..Those who really want to become a doctor..bare in mind that your life would be difficult from now on..coz you'll be spending your lifetime serving the start to be humble..jgnla wat sebab terpaksa...seriously..i've had enough with these kind of people!

p/s: im not mad ok????


  1. dood, i'm so gonna post a comment on the article in my blog! bengang bengang!

  2. kerk!! macam kene kat btg idung sendri plak..
    but wan, am i having that attitude problems or mentally? what do u think?
    coz, obviously i hate doctors! i hate clinics! i hate medicine since i was young.. but then im learning medicine now, for my parent`s sake actually. Am i wrong?/ =(

  3. manala aku tau ruby..
    kita kan mana blaja psychiatry lagi..
    tapi la kan..
    like what i have quoted before..
    some say people change..
    and not all changes are bad..some of them are good in a way..
    sometimes we think it's the best for us..yet, in front of someone else's turns out to be bad..
    interests can be developed..depends on us whether we want to give it a try or not...
    yang jadi kes skang ni..yang xnak try langsung untuk menyukai sesuatu bidang tu..
    tu yang dok rasa kene paksa2..
    at the end of the day..die yg rugi gak..

    tapi persoalannya skang..kalo dah tak minat, kenapa tak consult dulu ngan parents? dorunk bukannya telan kita pon..anyway..i also understand with some parents who are very unflexible..very strict..kalau merah..merahla jawapannya..for this kind of may need help externally..

  4. If u ask me,
    Well, i've a bit different perception.
    Mungkinlah yang mak ayah suruh tu, satu kesilapan dan mungkin juga tidak. You know what, somehow, we're really don't know what we're going to do for the rest of kehidupan kita. A for me, my journey of life now guided hundred percent from my dad. Long time ago, i did regrets. But now, tidak tahu untuk berterima kasih bagaimana. Ibu bapa insan terbaik dalam menilai walau kadang kala silap pertimbangan. Mereka manusia biasa, sama seperti kita. Kalau benar sekalipun, diorang suruh buat benda baik bukan? Tiada salahnya mengikut.

    Kalau kau tanya akulah. =)

    Mugkinlah, jadi doktor ni glamour. Mungkin.

    Kalau kau tanya aku,minat sebenarnya bukan cinta. Tidak minat belum tentu tidak akan pernah jadi cinta. Doktor itu kerja mulia. Kadang-kadang itu bukan sekadar engkau minat atau tidak. Itu sebenarnya lebih kepada engkau layak atau tidak.

    Seperti, mereka yang minat tapi tidak layak, tiada apa.

    Kalau mereka layak, tetapi tidak minat. Cinta boleh dipupuk bukan. Masalahnya, sebanyak mana cinta kau taburkan untuk menjadi doktor.

    Sekali lagi kalau kau tanya aku, cintakah aku pada bidang sekarang? Denga bangga aku menjawab YA! Tapi kalau kau tanya setahun lepas, dengan bangga dan yakin juga, aku menjawab TIDAK.

    Lihat. Minat tidak boleh menafikan cinta selepas itu.

    Kau, atau mereka yang dengan rela hati, atau dipaksa rela hati, atau mencari glamour dalam hati untuk bidang medikal, apapun alasannya, kamu sudah ke mari. memenuhi bidang ini.

    Maknanya, kamu layak.

    Justeru jangan sama sekali siakan. Cubalah jatuh cinta dengannya. Walau berjuta alasan kau tabur untuk benci, kau juga punyai berjuta alasan untuk mencintai.

    Being a doctor not only for the sake of title DR. infront, but for a smile from a person named PATIENT.

  5. wan aku rs kite blaja lame gak cvs.. 1st year 2 weeks, 2nd year 4 weeks. 4th year, posting mdcal 6weeks (slalunye bnyk kes cvs) and final year skali lg posting medical for 6 weeks.. ni berdasarkan ape yg rumate aku ckp la... kEkdng wkt posting len pun bnyk blaja cvs.. sprt posting surgery, paed, o&g, etc..
    actually kite blaja lame gak la cvs.. lbh dr 4 bln...

  6. eh silap.. 6 bln.. bkn 4 bln.. hehe

  7. yeah..
    read it sumwhere in the paper~
    hope ko tak jadi psiko~
    otherwise, aku yg treat ko nanti..haha!


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