Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Counting Precious Time..

Yeah!!!! I just finished my second paper this morning. It was an essay paper..which was slightly confusing ..but oh well...at least it was not like yesterday..the paper was like..HELL!!!
Just imagine we had 21 stations to visit..and most of the questions were pathological asking these types of question:
  • Describe the gross feature of this picture
  • Describe the miscoscopic features of this slide..
  • Give the complication of this disease
  • What is your diagnosis?
Just thinking of it makes me feel nausea already..wawawa...better get my antiemetics drug..hoho..Speaking of which..I left that questions regarding antiemetic drug..wawawawa...

I'm looking forward for the next few days coz i'll be going back home that time...It's been a while since the last time i went home..sangat rinduuuuu..but before that..I still have some errands to run...got to finish up my proposal for elective, find the place for SKSPM dinner (guess i'll be busy back with activities after the holiday!!)...and give briefing to the first year students regarding Renal Block..sigh..

I'd like to wish all the USMKK'ians especially my coursemate a very good luck in your next two papers..Orang AMPANG..wait for me!!!!!

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