Sunday, December 14, 2008

Exam on the loose!!!

Well..Like what i have mentioned in the previous posts before..the Medic 2nd year students are currently facing with the gruesome Exam Selanjar..Well..This is our first time dealing with this kind of exam after we barely survived Exam Pro 6 months ago..Well, it's common if we are afraid of this exam since it's a littlebit different from our First year exam in terms of format, clinical, marking scheme and whatsoeva..

I won't write long on today's post since me myself is currently struggling with the exams. I would like to thank my parents and my friends for being very supportive all this while. I'd like to apologize to those whom i accidently hurt their feelings, wether it's on purpose on not. I've forgiven those who have been messing with me all this long..wawawa..

I hope we can do our best tomorrow. Please have enough rest (aku terlebih rasanya)..don;t get urself stressed up as it will only make situation getting worse. Tawakal pada yang Satu selepas kita berusaha.. Remember, jgn lupakan Allah sebagaimana Dia tidak pernah melupakan kita.

Good Luck in Selanjar n Happy Holiday!!

Yours' sincerely,
Muhammad Hazwan Bin Nasarudin
Year Leader Medden 2

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